How to have your best skin. Do's & Don'ts

Since as long as I could remember, it's been an uphill battle with my skin.  I would look around at people with creamy flawless skin and wonder, 'what am I doing wrong?!'  Years and thousands of dollars worth of products later I have finally figured out what to do and not to do.




1. Drink lots of water.  I once asked a good friend of mine who is a celebrity makeup artist how I could have glowing skin and her answer was simply to drink more water.  She said to me, "imagine a plant, if you want it to perk up, no matter how much product you apply to the leaves it will never be able to replace the water you give it."  Our skin is 64% water and drinking it promotes your skin's ability to regenerate and breathe.  

2. Relaaaax.  If you take 1 think away from this post, let it be this one.  Stress wreaks havoc on skin by triggering it to release more oil.  Basically what happens when your body is under stress is your body goes into defense mode and becomes hyper sensitive.  As a response, you face starts to produce oil and its this oil that starts to attract dirt which gets stuck in your pores.  Have you ever wondered why your skin looks so nice on stress free vacations?  This is why!

3. Gently exfoliate.  Either chemically or mechanically, you just gotta do it.  Exfoliating helps to remove the layers of dirt and debris allowing your fresh skin to come through.  Since there are benefits to both chemical and mechanical exfoliation, we recommend a combination of both.  For mechanical exfoliation, no need to run out and buy fancy machinery.  In fact, the dermatologist we consult insists that you stay away from mechanical brushes like clarisonic because they create micro tears on your skin.  Simply use a damp wash cloth to cleans your skin daily.  Chemical exfoliation can be as simple as a nightly serum.  Don't go crazy here, just treat your skin like a friend.  

4. Get a good routine.  We all live different lifestyles and have different skin goals but the one thing that doesn't change is the fact that your skin (and body for that matter) need love everyday.  Figure out the best cleansing routine that works for you and stick with it.  


1. Wear foundation.  I know, it's a really a really hard sell and if you're use to wearing it everyday, it will be hard to make a switch.  However, if you can take the leap, soon you won't even need makeup, your skin will be bright and glowing without it!  You can finally hug people without worrying to smear makeup on their clothes, and those hot summer days when you're worried about whether your face is melting off are over.  Just imagine the toll of rubbing foundation (essentially dirt with chemicals) into your pores is, now multiply that times how many times you put on foundation in a year.  

2. Touch your face.  Very, very important.  Your hands are dirty and touching your face will hurt more than help.  Trust me, it took me years and years to learn this and it was a hard habit to break.  Time to time I find myself still reaching for my face when I have a blemish or when I am nervous but it's simply not worth it.  A blemish, even a white head, will go away 2x faster if you leave it alone.  Scratching at it only leaves bruising or a bigger infection.  Save yourself the heartache and hands-off!

3. Stand too close to the mirror. Boy, I wish someone would have told me this from the beginning.  Technically, there is nothing wrong with standing too close to the mirror, it's more of a mindset.  Steeping away from the mirror will help you appreciate your face as a whole and help you stop hyper analyzing your skin.  I have some homework for you, for 1 week try to stand at least 5 feet away from the mirror and say at least 3 things you like about your face.  Don't look for flaws and if any come to mind just push them away.  I'm sure that after 1 week you will love the skin your in, which in honestly is mostly what beauty is.

Michelle Wu