How to do Korean seshin at home for baby soft skin

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My introduction to seshin was when a friend came up to me and said, "touch my skin" as she enthusiastically stuck out her arm.  Without hesitation, I brushed my fingers on her skin and oh my God, it was like silk!  I asked her how this happened and she started to tell me about her visit to the Korean spa and her seshin session.  Barely a week went by before I decided to get one myself.  The process was intense, to sum it you lay on a table while a lady vigorously scrubs off your dead skin.  I went in as leathery raisin and emerged as a swan (with buttery skin of course).  I started going to the spa every month but when winter began, I decided to try to recreate this at home.  Here is the process that works for me:

1. Invest in a good exfoliating glove.  The kind they use at the spa is called a "Korea Italy towel," which runs about $2 a piece.

2. Submerge yourself in a bath of warm water (as hot as you can stand) for 30-40 minutes.  

3. Drain bath water so only 8" of water remains. 

4. Place low stool inside of bath tub and sit on stool.  

5. Start with your legs. Take bar soap (do not use liquid soap as it does not allow scrubber to get enough traction on the skin) and rub on legs.

6. Use your scrubber and apply firm light medium pressure as you rub your skin in circular motions as fast as you can.  Continue to scrub until you see grey rolls of skin emerge.  Remember, this isn't a race, its better to rub for 15 minutes fast instead of 5 minutes really hard.  


7. As you finish with your legs move up to your body and arms.  If you have a friend that can help you on your fact that's great, if not maybe it is a good time to make a friend :)

8. When you have finished scrubbing your body, rinse yourself in hot-warm water. Using a damp wash cloth and gently buff your entire body in a similar circular motion.

9. While wet, apply baby lotion over entire body.  

10. Dry off body with body towel.



Michelle Wu