The best daily skin care regime


There are a lot of skin care regimes out there, it can get confusing.  You might be asking yourself, which one is best for me or why do I care?  I started caring about my skin care regime as I was getting older.  I used to think that as long as I put a certain cream on my face or that I wash it every night I would be fine.  This worked for a little while... then I got older.  Now I see a regime as a daily investment in my skin.  Although a daily regime can seem exhausting, I am quite enjoying the opportunity for a few mindful minutes at the end of each day.  This is the one that works best for me:


1. Drink 1 big glass of water when you wake up

2. Wash your face.  Start by wetting your face with warm water.  Apply cleaners to hands and work cleanser in circular motions across face and neck for about 1 minute.  Rinse soap off with warm water, make sure to rinse soap completely off, you'll know its gone when your face no longer feels like there is a film on it.  Next splash face with cold water for additional 30 seconds.  The cold water is important because it will get rid of any puffiness.  

3. Pat face dry with your hands, do not use a towel.  Yes, it takes longer but patting dry with your hands helps to firm the face, increase circulation, and lock in moisture.

3. Apply moisturizer and SPF


1. Wash your face with a wash cloth.  Start by wetting your face and cloth with warm water.  Drape cloth over face for 30 seconds to open pores. Apply cleaners to cloth and rub cloth in circular motions across face and neck for 1 minute.  Rinse soap off of face and towel with warm water.  Lastly splash face with cold water for additional 30 seconds.  Pat face dry with dry towel.

2. Apply toner with cotton pad and allow to dry.  Toner is important because it cleans and tightens pores.

3. Apply serum to face, preferably a toner with a little acid.  Sounds intense but most serums have some percentage of acid.  The acid works to help facilitate regeneration.

4. Apply lotion to face. Verrrry important.  The lotion helps for skin to heal and boost elasticity.

5. Dry brush body for 15 minutes, gently

6. Apply lotion to body

7. Drink 8oz. water

8. Get 8 hours of sleep


Michelle Wu