Lip Glow

Lip Glow


Our Lip Glow provides the hydration, nutrition, and volume you need for full, healthy, and juicy lips. In this tube you will find a pleasing blend of oils that glides on smooth and adds a hint of color to brighten up your complexion. This lip gloss is formulated with potent ingredients harnessed from the Earth to deliver both immediate and long-term results.

Ingredients: castor oil, honey, beeswax, beet concentrate, pepper concentrate, geranium essential oils, peppermint essential oils, xantham gum, red lake 40

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How to use:

  1. Shake well and roll evenly onto dry lips

  2. Allow 2-3 minutes for oils to activate. Lips will have a tingly sensation, this is normal

  3. Smile and enjoy your day