Nourishing Serum

Nourishing Serum


This intensive serum was design to reinvigorate, strengthen, heal, and nourish skin for your most radiant, healthy, and bright complexion. It's natural ingredients infuses skin with soothing hydration and gives skin the energy it needs to focus on repair. If used daily, the results are firm skin with diminishing spots and discoloration.

ingredients: aloe vera gel, whole lemon, rose hip oil, gin, raw honey, geranium essential oil, fresh water pearl, silk protein, oregano essential oil, xantham gum, optiphen (less than 1%)

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How to use:

  •  1) Cleanse face thoroughly and pat dry with clean hands
  • 2) Apply pea sized amount to entire face.  Avoid eyes and eyebrows
  • 3) Allow serum to dry completely before applying lotion